Your thoughts on Judo and the MT clinch?

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Guards, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I'm posting this in Standup, and Grappling. I want to see the different perspectives based on experience. Stand-up guys may say no, but Judo guys in grappling may see it differently.

    In MMA(I'm not sure what the rules for MT-style fighting are), what are your thoughts about well-applied Judo as a Thai Clinch defense?

    I have some experience in Judo, and some experience in MT. I've done the clinch, and I've been clinched. Being clinched, standing and trading against someone who's a bit better in the clinch sucks.

    We know that most wrestlers get troubled by the clinch because their takedowns are primarily based on dropping posture. :redface: Judo is different, and a majority of their throws and be applied while standing upright.

    In an MMA fight, what pros and cons do you see? Would someone like Karo perhaps survive better than others?
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    i have a wrestling base, but have done some judo too. it depends on your wrestling style... i love it when people try to MT clinch me, because my best takedown is a slide-by which requires someone to post the forearm on your neck. MT clinch to me= instant takedown. i can think of a couple of variations of throws that woudl work, but ultimatley its about posture. if you let your head get locked up and pulled down, your screwed.
  3. Prokofievian

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    I'm not sure, but I've always thought "what about Wing Chun in the clinch?" I mean, pretty well everything is protected in the clinch, except one's center-line.
  4. Hammer Time

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    karo has thrown so many guys in the clinch. good wrestlers, bjj guys and strikers and he gets good hieght and right on their back. a good clinch whether muay thai based like silvas or judo based like karo is both amazing to watch
  5. georgejjr

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    Fedor shows a thai clinch defense that bascially involves following the knee down for a single leg. Its actually the same one that Chonan successfully did on Anderson Silva after Silva locked in the clinch. But it's more wrestling than judo.

    I suspect wrestling is better for dealing with it than judo, just because the most obvious judo moves involve a gi - though doing ouchi gari (inner reaping throw) works well so long as you're strong enough not to be bent over and don't mind going to the ground. I note that Anderson didn't even try to go for the clinch against Henderson, winning it instead by striking. I suspect the reason was that he really didn't see any need to let Henderson get that close ... ie to clinch Henderson he'd be close enough to be clinched by Henderson.

    The MT clinch is deadly against folks who don't want to go to the ground. It doesn't work as well against guys who want to go there because you're in too close, they can force the ground from in there if you don't knock them out with the first knee.
  6. judogido

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    Well - as soon as a judoka gets into a clinch he looks dangerous. Karo is teh classic example.

    I mean - of all the MMA positions, the clinch is probably THE most comfortable position for a judoka, followed by ground.

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