Your favorite MRP shake


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Jul 27, 2005
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I am going to order an MRP shake and wanted some ideas. I have been looking for something balanced but it seems most of the shakes are "lite" meaning low carbs. They all seemed to be geared towards the Atkins enthusiasts. Macrobolic's looks pretty good its ratio is 45/35/20 (carbs/protein/fats), just dont know about the taste.
I like the EAS myoplex in the ready to drink cardboard container, chocolate fudge flavor. I like it because its pre-mixed, I just pop the top and chug, but mainly because I like the taste and its easy on my stomach. No digestive effects like I get from most every other brand. I take mine with extra efas and a low glcemic high fiber carb and Ive got a potent meal replacement.
The best tasting is intake performance...Vanilla Spice. It's made by stallones company. 35 bucks at 44 grams of pro and not much carbs. Prosource makes a good one but it doesn't taste as good...
The Biotest low carb grow! They changed the name and now its metabloic drive. W/ Milled Flax

I used to like Myoplex, but I think they changed the forumla and the new stuff tasted worse