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You guys did this to me.........I blame you all.

Discussion in 'The Jukebox' started by P0NYBOY, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    west palm beach
    I was a happy hard rock guy with varying interests in music until I started visiting "bam's bieberverse" and was happy posting epic performances of classic hard rock bands.

    But then.......someone here posted Babymetal and now my life is in total confusion but far more fulfilling musically.

    You see, I wanted to believe the girls were simple and soulless dancers lip synching with zero idea of what they were doing...... so.........I searched on their backstory and history only to find tons of experience and soul from their time in "Sakura Gakuin".

    On graduation day, some members leave and the tears flow.

    It's not just the girls...........the band members are epic as well.

    I stumbled upon Takamina (japanese idol from AKB48) through Sakura Gakuin where schoolgirl Moa (babymetal) basically assaults the famous idol with no fear of the consequences.

    This caused me to fall down the rabbit hole of AKB48 and awesome girls such as Sae, Aachan, and the powerful Sayaka.

    The tv show of the dodgeball and the pranks is pure genius.

    Tears flow when they "graduate" as well.

    It's amazing how a girl who couldn't dance, was super short, and couldn't sing became possibly the greatest idol in Japan by being an amazing personality and leader that everybody loved.

    A thread here brought me to K-pop which has been fruitful in finding funny videos and great songs.

    Red Velvet and Twice has talented members but the songs are written by master songwriters and producers since I can see the influences of guys like Trevor Horn, Steven Lipson, Seal, and many other big name western producer/songwriters. It's hard to go wrong with those influences but the K-pop groups have gone way beyond their influences and created some of the catchiest songs ever written.

    Momo might be the cutest human being on the planet at this time.
    Even her sneezes are cute.

    Sure, I noticed Momo and Somi initially but eventually Irene, Jeonyeon, and Chaeyoung have won me over as a fan.

    Example: Chaeyoung from "twice" is specifically a rapper of the group but she is also a talented singer, dancer, and player of piano.

    Oh........I still like the hard rock and again, your postings have led to me Doll$Box and Gacharic Spin where the "less than six degrees of separation" show the insane amount of collaboration by the J-rock groups.

    Example: Hana and Koga of gacharic spin went to high school with babymetal guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura and often guest during their partys.

    When one of them has a birthday, they often band together and perform a show where people lucky enough to figure out who is going to perform get to witness an epic show.

    The message seen over and over through this entire journey is the importance of friendship, working together, and supporting your friends.

    You guys are to blame and I thank you.

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