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Mar 17, 2005
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Yes, this is another Eddie Bravo thread.... It's pretty common to see a lot of hate for Eddie Bravo on this site. I'd never seen any of his videos, read any of his books, or been to a seminar of his, so I believed a lot of what I read. All of the guys that hate on Eddie and his style, always talk about how it is just a gimmick and you need the basics more than you will ever need rubber guard. So, I kind of thought that Eddie was this guy, that thought his rubber guard techniques were the only techniques needed to have a good no-gi game.

Then today, while looking at no-gi videos on youtube, I decided to check out some of Eddie's stuff. Man was I in for a shock! It seemed like in all of the videos he repeated how important it was to know the traditional games and switch back and forth between rubber-guard and the more traditional styles. He enough talked about how rubber-guard doesn't always work.

Yes, he has created a bigger than life persona, and is living off one match. Yes, he sometimes says some stuff that is pretty out there. However, he isn't trying to get rid of traditional BJJ like some guys on here seem to think, and he is really knows his stuff. I'm really glad I took the chance and watched the videos. I personally am not ready to try rubber guard, but maybe someday down the road when I am a little better at everything else.
his rubber guard techniques are very good, but i cant imagine what silly person would think that is "all" you need.

but a lot of his moves require some insane flexibility, so it isn't for everyone. but i fail to see how adding new techniques to your arsenal is ever a bad thing
More importantly, did you come across the Quatoof video?
Eddie is the MAN!

His hate stems from his (over) use of weed and the fact that he named all of the rubber guard moves cool names and nothing traditional sounding. Some people do not credit him with the invention of the rubber guard, some say Nino Schembri was using it first but never had a name for it....but regardless Eddie WAS the person who developed the style to what it is today. He also turned the wrestling guillotine into "the twister" and gets shit for that too!

I love Eddie!! His game is smooth! I'm a fan!
he da man. i found myself watching those same vids of him on youtube too. always, always preaches that you need to know the old stuff and that the new stuff just gives u that many more options.
His positions and techniques make him one of my favorite BJJ trainers. He'll get no hate from me.
i like this one

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Cool video.. it made me laugh at the end, but it makes perfect sense for you big muscle heads!
I believe Eddie Bravo is a great teacher. Every video I see is good and all the people that trained with him have nothing but great things to say.

However, some of his public persona in the media and his marketing strategies just don't go over well with me.
No need to elaborate, I just don't like that.
no ones hates eddie (at least none of the "old" posters here) what we do hate is all the eddie bravoe nut huggers that can't understand logic.
i don't think people really have an issue with his teachings. I've read two of his books and watched many of his videos and must admit- a lot of it's great material.

My take on this is Eddie is pretty head strong in his beliefs and tries to convince the world that his methods/ideologies are right, and 90 percent of the world is wrong.

Kinda like people trying to force religion down your throat.

I believe that Eddie is extremely gifted in his BJJ skills, but also think that he lacks a little in the common sense department...
hahaha i always get made fun of for being the big guy who wants a little guy game.
Usually while I'm trying to fold myself up into a DLR ball sweep.
my take on him is the same as blanko and silverline122. he is a gifted teacher and athlete

probably not on the top 10/20 BJJ instructors or fighters, but definately there as one of the most entertaining
all the hate is not directed at Eddie Bravo himself, it is on 1 month white belts who think that they should start learning the Rubber Guard when they don't know how to pull a closed guard armbar or how to pass the guard, or how to escape side control.
his rubber guard techniques are very good, but i cant imagine what silly person would think that is "all" you need.

but a lot of his moves require some insane flexibility, so it isn't for everyone. but i fail to see how adding new techniques to your arsenal is ever a bad thing

It doesn't take all that much flexibility. I am not even close to flexible. I can't go pas 90* in a side split. But I can work Rubber Guard a bit. I have only be working it for about a month and I am finding it easier and easier to get to mission control. It takes positioning and a little flexibility. Some of the stuff requires gumby like limbs but I am confident the basic system can be done by anyone.
I like Eddie. I think he's an exceptional grappler and teacher. Twister dvd is awesome. Never laughed so hard in my life. Bjj infused with comedy. Wish he made more dvd's like that.
But.. don't really like the music, fortunately for him his day job pays the bills.