Yasuhiro Yamashita-living judolegend


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Sep 13, 2005
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His bio and accomplishments :http://judoinfo.com/yamashita.htm
Many cosider him the best of all time and not just because he retired undefeated.There hasn;t been a fighter whose technique was impeccable likke Yasuhiro's.It is hard to say what was his strong point he had it all : great takedowns.timing and counters and a great ground game.Watching Yasuhiro is watching judo at it best.Now what is the secret of his success?Besides great physics and hard work it must be mental side.To keep his mental sharpness he used to choose a day in a week when would win every randori no matter what.Tha's how he cherished his killer instinct.Udeniable proof of his mental strenght is the fact that he had to took a year off due to injury but that did;t affect his wining streak.In the end many feel that he retired young possibly because he felt some young force cound tarnish his perfect recod.
Nowdays he is a teacher at Tokayo Univ. and doing seminars all over the word.He succeded to live from judo earning approximatly 20.000 $ a month
I put him right up there with Kimura. I saw Yamashita at the Olympics when he fucked up his leg really bad and still won gold!