XFGear short review *pics*


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Feb 28, 2005
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Let me first thank Paul for some of the most personal customer service I have ever received. I told him I was competing in the Budweiser Jujitsu Nationals here in Charlotte and he put in some extra time to get me these shorts on such short notice. He really went the extra mile for me and that is the type of customer service that ranks up their with the best of the best. So now onto the shorts.

The material is super lightweight and super strong at the same time. It
The back.

The waste, front and back.


The stitching, stretch panels, and printing.

PhenoM I would like to see the pics of your shorts too. You customized yours right? I would like to see how they turned out :wink:
Wow good review. One question you mention them fixing the looseness - if thats even a word - but what size pant do you wear and what size shorts are those?
I wear a 30' (which is alittle big, my true waist is somewhere around a 29) and these are a medium.
These shorts look awesome. Would be cool if they made a lopro model without all the advertising. They look top quality, which is what I think we all expect from XFGear.
Soid said:
These shorts look awesome. Would be cool if they made a lopro model without all the advertising.

I agree the only reason i wont buy a pair is because of the huge printing on the shorts, otherwise they look top notch. When the guys at xfgear decides to make a model with only the small xfgear logo on the shorts they will have a new customer.
Here ya go, next pair will have PhenoM horizontally.


My only gripe with the shorts are the drawstrings. They are a bit flimsly, I would like to see them thicker and perhaps closer together, like maybe an inch or inch and a half apart.
XFGear.com, you can get the non competition which doesn't have all the logos or the competition, special sizes (mine where XXXL), and custom printing (Phen
phenom, care to shrink the pic, im on 28.8k in a hotel.... kinda slow loading all the pics :p and i'd like to see the customisation

Those are looking sweet PhenoM. Now just to find a plan to get my dad to get me a pair...hmm...
Thanks for the review. Sounds like another great product from out friends at xfgear.
ASiAnVaLEtUDo said:
what is the price on those?

$45. Customization only adds acouple of dollars I think, I'm not positive you will have to ask Paul.

Anymore questions about the short?