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Diseased Tooth***

What the hell is this ? I've noticed dozens and dozens have a "Aussie Death Carriage" avatar, sometimes several on the same page.

Looks like hacking, can't be coincidence, what I've seen at least 20-30 OF these avatars around Sherdog for the last two weeks.

Here is a thread full of them 0


I never saw anyone post any complaint or any one talking about it, and I wonder why ?

Are all these guys using the same avatar ? Unlikely ...

This is how the weird avatar looks -


It is to support regular Sherdog forum poster Brad Morris, who will be fighting in the UFC soon.

Rule #1: NEVER question the Aussie Death Carriage. It will run your ass over.
oh noes i haz been hacked!!
FOOLS! you could have told him that those members had special avatars he would only get to see once he'd established himself in some way... your honesty disgusts me.
In the S & P I shall stay, I have failed us. Fatty failed first though
I beez infected. Oh noes!!!!
Since I started using ADC, I've lost 25 pounds, grown a full beard and the women flock to my loins like hobos on a hotdog.

I highly recommend it.
How come I have an Aussie Death Carriage avatar ?? I though you had to wait till you had 500 posts to have an avatar.

Is someone playing a trick or is it hacking ?