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wrist/fist proportions


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Mar 23, 2005
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My fist is too big for my wrist, which is about 6.5 inches. My wrist is small to begin with and having large hands make it even worse. Whenever i punch a heavybag my wrists have a tendency to buckle. I am only 16 right now and Im wondering if my wrists will grow into my hands as i mature, or atleast thicken up a little bit. Anyone know?
no it will not grow anymore.... thats why you need to get handwraps
no I have the same problem, your wrists will not get any bigger. The best you can do is make your forearms bigger.
Oh I am sorry if this was a physical question. I don't know whether your wrist will get thicker, since you are only 16... but usually it won't. As someone said above, you can make your forearm thicker, though. Of course you can strengthen your wrist by doing various type of work outs...
There was a thread about that thing, i believe it was in the Strength forum, go check it out.
The idea was to carry two heavy dumbells around and it seemed worked for those who tried it. I can't tell from personal experience, however, since I haven't tried it yet. Worth a shot, if you ask me.
I have the same problem. You might grow out of it if you're still only 16. Otherwise, your best bet is to learn to wrap really well (I double wrap my wrists).