I wrestled in my junior and senior years in high school in the 275 division. I wish I would have started when I was a freshman.
im a freshman going to be a sophmore and i just started wrestling this year
I wrestle since sophomore year and im going into senior year.
I wrestled 8th grade through senior year. I was supposed to wrestle in college, but completely blew out my knee and lost my scholarship, so I coached at my old HS for a few seasons.
Been wrestling for 13 years, 2 of which in college. Currently coaching as well as still competing locally.
wrestled 7th grade through Jr year. even though i didnt start jits until i was 26, the background, particularly the feeling for how to use my hips and weight and stay on top seems to be a real advantage
wrestled about 8 years, middle school through some college.
hey guys this is georges... yeah i wrestled around a bit.. i was only on the canadian olympic team.. never did any of that stuff in high school or college though.
wrestled about 6 years, middle school through high school
I was once a wrestler but now I'm a legend...somewhere...for something
HOLY CRAP!!!!! That's a lot of wrestling.
Yeah it happens when you come from a small town where your family is known in the local area for wrestling. Especially if you're dad is the assistant coach. The joke was I was I watched my first state tournament from inside my mom and was hitting standups in the womb. Wrestling gave me a reason to believe working hard will get you somewhere and it helped me get through the rough times, it was my outlet and my art form. It wasn't all good though, it took its toll on my body and lead me on more roller coaster rides then I'd care to admit. However, you take the bad with the good and even if you didn't accomplish what you wanted to you are happy for how far you did come.

how big of role does wrestling in play in your mma or jitz

I tried fighting right after highschool before I joined the Marines and truthfully wrestling worked wonderfully back then because everyone was a brawler that I fought and couldn't defend a takedown. However, I wasn't fighting professionally and it was more just to make some cash on the side, but it was probably one of the more stupid ideas I had considering there was no doctor on hand, no testing, the floors were filthy and some people were drunk when they fought.

Now that I do jiujitsu wrestling plays a big part of how easy it is for me to control people on top, but learning to fight from my back and not let limbs get exposed was a big battle. My base and stand-up are solid, and I did greco freestyle and folkstyle so the stand-up in no gi was fairly easy to pick up and I am picking up judo 4 bjj pretty well. I can also get away with turtling a lot more then most and I was a leg rider so people turtling on me is like christmas day. I think that at first my wrestling hurt me in actually learning jiujitsu, I think you have to take all your wrestling and forget it for the first six months of jiujitsu so that you can learn, and then start integrating it back in.