wrestling vs Judo/JuJutsu back in 1905 LOL


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May 25, 2003
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This is from an old article in cosmo mag.
Its funny how they go back and forth in the interview.
Another funny situation is when the judo man demonstates the crossarm lock(juji gatame) the wrestler dismisses that a strong man would not get put in such a hold.
Pretty funny stuff.
Interesting article. I like how both guys are saying ludicrously overblown things -- like how a judo guy would break a boxer's wrist 9 times out of 10 with a chop block, or that an armbar could not hurt a strong arm.

Things have not changed so much on the Sherdog forums, 100 years later.
Nice Article

lol at that article...they both sounded like overblown tma'ers debating the invincibility of their art...funny stuff
Some funny stuff from both men:

Mr. Higashi said:
But I cannot show you our serious tricks.
Sounds like TMA to me!

Mr. Leonard said:
I have heard it said that you can, through jujitsu, kill a man and then bring him back again to life at your pleasure.
Fortunatly Mr. Higashi replied:

Mr. Higashi said:
Judo has no ambition to compete with professional men of medicine.
Although the rest of his quote is silly. Then there is the worst demo ever:


Early American wrestlers were very embarassing...
Obviously neither the grappling of the East nor the West was perfect.

Or still is.

There is much to be learned.
this is not so much judo/jujutsu v wrestling but here is a link showing how very interested Teddy Roosevelt was in the styles back in the day. Also has pics of letters from big wigs thanking the instructor and stuff. Pretty neat historical info that might be of interest.