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Sep 2, 2002
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There is a wealth of BJJ technique on the web from bjj.org thru to lockflow and a whole bunch more.

Wrestling however, doesn't seem to have this. i know the basic single, double, high-crotch, sprawl, head control, arm drag etc but only thru doing BJJ and before then off the websites mentioned above.

there's a bunch of stuff that i just don't know.

can anyone explain to me what a Whizzer is? a leg ride? granby? sit-out (i think i know this one actually). where can i find videos of these techniques

i've watched that real-pro-wrestling and i enjoy it, i'd enjoy it more if i understood better what they're doing and what options are open to them.

i've found 'themat.com' but you have to pay/register for the techniques/coaches corner.

anyone know a good website with wrestling technique?

-- whizzer: you shoot for my left leg and i sprawl (left hip down, both hands on the back of your neck, my weight on you) but you're close enough to fight for it. your head is on the inside because you dont want to get crossfaced or i shoved it there. my right hand stays on the back of your neck to keep weight on you. my left arm comes around your right armpit (like im headlocking your arm) and cups the bicept.

i now jack your right arm as high on my back as i can and my other hand moves from your neck to cross facing you away and i come back to my feet. my arm hodling your arm is the whizzer. i can use it for leverage or i can shoulder down and throw you, or go to a front headlock for gator roll/anaconda or guillotine choke. i can crossface hard and take you to your back or just use it to stand and just defense.

it's not your first line of defense on feet. it's one of the last, actually, but if you're good with it you can get tons of mileage with it.

-- leg ride is just how wrestlers say puttign a hook in. in wrestling, sometimes you cant just oen hook (wrestling guillotine, bananasplit, crossface to pin, etc) but in bjj you really want both more often than not.

-- granby? you mean grammy roll? named after some guy who used it. it's a roll to escape on bottom. works for some, but some people get caught on their backs if they telegraph it. in submission grappling you dont mind your back so the top man will follow you and not care about getting pinned on bottom so you wont be seeing this in NAGA.

-- a sit out is just you on your butt. it's a first step to a lot of escapes, but all of them involve you with your back to your opponent and in sub wrestling/bjj the fight is almost over at this point usually. in wrestling, someone on your back isn't too big of a deal. if i start on bottom (hands and knees, opponent to the side of me) i'd "shift" my feet out away from both of us, push off my heels to propell myself onto my butt and into my opponent. this gives good back pressure so i can stand or work some escape. if you have backpressure on the opponent, your back isnt on the mat.

in bjj, if you have back pressure on the opponent, you're going to get choked out, or in MMA, hit with some nasty crossface punches. so thsi position to you, is danger zone and you need to scramble just like if a wrestler was near going to his back.

2 or so weeks into bjj training and i still havent totally swapped my whole "dont go to your back (pinned)" vs "dont give your back (choked)" mentallity.
Moving Shadow said:
i've found 'themat.com' but you have to pay/register for the techniques/coaches corner.
There IS some stuff you can get from themat.com without subscription, but the pics are not the best and it's not always so clear to wrestling newcomers.

Go to "Coaches Corner" (http://www.themat.com/articles/showfaq.asp?fldAuto=5) and scroll down a bit to "Technique Analysis".

Anyone else with links to some decent wrestling sites - 'fess up....

leg ride


sit out


Good pics above, but the Granby one is not 100% accurate. And that actually looks like an international freestyle match, where you would just be giving your opponent points by hitting a Granby. We were never taught to Granby when the top man has two hooks in, it's useless. You can either Granby if he has 1 or no legs in. Also the guy in the pic neither got wrist control nor cleared his feet, which are essential to hitting a sucessful Granby on a great wrestler.
I have another wrestling question. How do you get to the legs off an arm drag?
pretty much. yeah. in that clip he's on the verge of being taken down (opponent gets 2 pts) or scoring the take down (getting 2 points) and 2 points is enough to decide most matches on his level...so he's grabbing what's available for leverage.

yes. he's checking the oil.

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