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WOW Rustam Khabilov


White Belt
Sep 23, 2012
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dude look really exciting those suplexes were sick excited to see more of this guy.
I'm so okay with this. I hope he turns out to be really, really good.
You rarely see a suplex in the Octagon, but Rustam Khabilov suplexed his opponent 3 time on the head. True Sambo Practitioner, and I was thoroughly impressed with his 3rd and final suplex/slam that dazed Vinc Pichel, who eventually got got knocked out with a flurry of punches just for good measure...

We have another impressive prospect in the 155lbs division folks...
That shit was old school Eddie Guerroro/Chris Benoit type suplexes, back to back to back except he added one more for the final ko.
That was one of the most impressive debuts ive ever seen. Russia is really producing some top level fighters.
Same here, missed the ole cung le's suplexes, but we have a new sambo protege... I was thoroughly impressed....
He's the greatest MMA fighter of all time, nobody can do slams like him, not even that black who wears a big chain around his neck