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would u be able to pull a leben


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May 29, 2005
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if u were fighting a superior grappler and were unable to ko him or keep the fight standing; do u feel ur skills are good enough to not just defend, but finish ur opp. After watching the ufn the fight i saw leben; the supposed striker able to eff control def and submit a superior grappler.

now most people's thought process is to def..control the opp and strike them..gnp them or work back to their feet and strike; very few fighters or guys on this board would follow that gameplan.

so my question is how many of u are confident enough in ur groundskills to match skills w/a guy who is a better grappler and actually try to finish, not just survive or gnp them.....
well im a grappler first but still even if i was in an mma match with nog and he couldnt throw strikes id still try to finish via sub
I am.
my main goal is to submit the unsubmittable LOL

so I make up a lot of my own moves to throw stuff at them,
they have never seen before.
and I try unique/rare moves.

not too long ago I got an omo plata, the guy counters by rolling over,
as he is doing that, I don't care because I do a wrist lock on his arm I got.
normally people would be working to defend against that escape, and not let
him roll, not many BJJ people go for the wrist, I think it's illegal in many tournaments...
I agree with VampireMonk. The Okinawan karate style I study has kept the sweeps, throws, and submissions that most karate styles don't teach anymore. But they are 99.9% standing submissions. I don't have much training in ground so when I get to roll with some BJJ guys, I don't know what the "textbook" escapes and techniques are. I've surprised several of them by submitting them on their feet or getting a sub using a technique I would do standing when we were on the ground.
I surprised a purple belt one time with a wrist lock. He was just toying with me since he knew I couldn't beat him on the ground. We started with me in his guard and I'm trying to get something, anything and he's just countering and looking bored.
I got pissed off because he wasn't taking me seriously. At one point he lets go with his right hand and is gripping my jacket with his left hand. His right is just there, not doing anything, so I grabbed it and slapped on a wristlock. After that he submitted me six times in a roll, quick. But he took me seriously from then on.
leben is a good grappler first of all he has a strong wrestling background and trains subs every day and yea maybe he was facing a slightly better sub guy but its not like he has no ground game as some people thought after the kos fight
i woul dstand for the most part, mma is very different then grappling or regular stand up, you have to actually be i a mma match to understand it, its not very easy to concentrate the entire time, sometimes you get rocked and retreat, you guys know this , so i aint saying any thing new.
i would not want a lot of ground time with a superior grappler though
I think Leben's opponent was overrated.

Leben prefers striking but has a decent ground game. He went for subs from the bottom when he fought Koscheck. He knows how to grapple.

His opponent made a beginner's mistake. He let Leben take a high guard and left his arms fully extended. Leben capitalized with an easy armbar.

I don't think his opponent was as good of a grappler as he was made out to be.
Every fighter has their stronger points and striking is Chris Leben's. BUT you have to have different skills in MMA and he has been working very hard with his grappling skills. He is a strong grappler as well as a striker.
I think if anything, if i ahd to go to the ground with a grappler id try to strive for position then submission. I dont think i could pull a leben.

that is cool man, he can tap you out 6 times but it doesn't change the fact
that he got tapped once by you. PERIOD.

his arrogance paid for it.