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Feb 28, 2002
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I started on my AA last year, and being in the US for only about a year at that time, I thought I'd be happy if I just made it through. Soon enough, I realized it wasn't that bad, and the results were dedication and good grades. Just finished my final class last week that I thought would be a B grade since I was on the 89-90 border, and it would mean the only B so far, which would be a disturbing black spot on a perfect record.



FTYD got his aa degree with a 4.0 gpa :) :) :) :) :)



in my school, the grading system is what i call, the "gun pointed at head" system:

A - 100 - 93
B - 93 - 85
C - 85 - 77
D, i wouldnt know, cuz im not that big of a dumbass!
Those documents are obviously forged.
Yeah nobody's that smart and spends all their time studying, instead of being on here :).
Good job man! Your a fucking hero to those of us who are struggling at 3.52.

An "A" in fundamental speech?

Hmmm, I'd expect your posts to be more skillfully written!

What is the W for? withdrawn? withheld?
My first semester in college, I managed to pull a 0.21 GPA out of a haze of booze and drugs. That has to be the lowest documented GPA in history.
Yes xor, perestroika is in da house ;)

Thanks to the well-wishers and fuck you the jealous ones.

It was a happy feeling of personal success I thought I'd share with my sherdog family, especially since I didn't count with an A in that last class.

W stands for withdrawal, notice the two times I withdrew I had 6 classes in that semester. I could've done it, but I work 4 days a week and train almost everyday, so I withdrew because of the work load. I find 5 classes to be just about right, but I wanted to squeeze everything before the summer starts so I could take the whole summer off. See the last class I took was during summer I term, which I wanted to avoid. However, now I'm gonna try to do the same with my bachelor's, it begins in fall.
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This thread should be an incentive for you to take a reading class, it's movies AS art, and it deals with the development of the motion picture as a universal art form, its historical and international background, theme and subject selection and script development, technological equipment and innovations, elements of visual composition, sound and music, acting and directing, and film criticism and analysis. It also examines the motion picture as a universal expression of man's varied cultures and creative expressions, something that is strange to you.
Thanks man :cool:

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Stop pulling your hair, take a prozac or two, and go get some sleep, you're just embarrassing yourself. You gotta run the "business" tomorrow.
Good job! I got a 3.75 last semester. 4.0 is still my dream.