Windy Training Gloves (TG-5) 16oz.


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May 20, 2008
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Whats up everyone, I know these gloves have been reviewed before but i wanted to go ahead and post anyway. I had some questions when i bought them and might be able to help other people if they're on the fence. First i will start off by saying, i am a "Shootfighter/Submission Grapler" that practices Muay Thai/ Boxing for my stand up game. I have used a wide range of 16 oz gloves and would have to say that these gloves are the best i have used. I bought them from Combat Sports for about $67 bucks. They are a great all purpose glove, i.e. pad/mitt work, heavy bag and sparring, but I would warn anyone who is looking for a straight sparring glove that right off the bat, these gloves are hard. They are softening up for me but because the gloves are top notch, they do take longer than a cheaper glove to do so. (THink of a top of the line baseball glove versus a cheaper glove). I care about my training partners so am still not "going hard" with them for sparring. The Velro strap is second to none. The support that you get from the over sized cuff is amazing. I know alot of people will probably post that these are not true sparring gloves thats why they are harder, but i do not wanna be the guy with 3 pairs of gloves in my bag at all times depending on what drills i'm doing. They are breaking in nicely but are not quite there yet for the kind of sparring im used to doing.

Now onto the feel and fit of the gloves. I am 6'5 240lbs with a build like a football tight end and i've heard that these gloves can be big on the inside. I however find it to be pretty opposite. They are pretty tight at first but since then have really formed a nice pocket. The protection that they offer is outstanding. For a big guy i would say that my hands are normal
size, not small but not overly big either. I mention this because if you have big hands they will be really tight at first. I also have fairly skinny wrists for a guy my size and I can tighten the velco tight enough to get a really secure fit.

Overall I can only give these gloves a ten because i have not used any that are better. I can honestly say that i am sure these gloves will last me for the next ten years.


Good post/review.Hopefully Foz/a mod will stick it in the review section.Thanks,any pics please?

And Shonuff?Shogun of Harlem?
Thanks for the review. I think you find the hand compartment small, because you are a huge dude and are modest about your hand size. :D

Post some pics if you find time.
I would love to add pics but have to say i am a Sherdog posting "Rookie" so i don't know how. Is there anywhere i can go to learn a little more about how to use the site? I have been a tourist on this site a long time reading reviews and it is definately time to give back. Oh and Tone C, that was a great pull on the "Shogun of Harlem" reference. He is "the baddest" That dude has always killed me.

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Uploading pics is easy once you get the hang of it.

Take some pics of the gear you're reviewing with a digital camera, then upload them onto your harddrive via USB.
Once they're on there, head over to: ImageShack
Im gonna work on the Pics this weekend.. Hopefully they"ll be up on Monday.
I got these recently as well and got to use them in my Muay Thai class today. The hand compartment is rather large, I knew this when purchasing them but I figured it couldn't be THAT big. It doesn't bug me especially not with wraps on but if you have small hands these gloves aren't for you.

Other than that, the materials and construction are top notch. They look sweet as hell and have the strongest velcro I have ever felt.