Win Quinton's Fight Shorts from PRIDE 26, Signed



For some reason the thread Jeff started is AWOL. Here's a new one, now that it's official.

Besides giving away over <font color="red">$900 in prizes</font> between UFC 43 and PRIDE 26, The Sherdog Expert Challenge has pushed the prizes through the roof!

The player with the <b>highest combined score</b> from UFC 43 and PRIDE 26 Expert Challenge competition wins <b>Quinton Jackson's shorts</b> that he's wearing in PRIDE 26 when he faces <b>Mikhail Illoukhine</b>, signed by Quinton Jackson!

Remember, in the event of a tie, the player who made his picks first, wins - so it's best to get your picks made early!
Better than having Quinton in your shorts.
Does someone will wash the shorts?
If not, i will not make part of this.
Originally posted by TuthMoseIII
Anyone else think this is kind of gross?

Why would someone want a pair of fighting shorts His Sweaty balls were in.
Oh his sweaty balls will be in them...count me in. I wasn't going to play until I heard sweaty balls
I hope he gets puched real hard in the stomach and craps his pants
I think it's a pretty great prize. What's a few short and curlys? I'd where 'em to ultimate frisbee for the intimidation factor alone.
Not only that, but I want to post a picture of myself wearing Quinton's fight shorts in the Multi-Media forum. Then no one will pick on me.
I'd rather have a glove of his with blood on it.

What's with the shorts?
Originally posted by Menace2Society
It's not like people are going to wear them

Fuck that, I'll be wearing them around my house drinking beer and eating cheetos in them.
Don't forget to put a potato in the front so they don't slip off.
Yeah, they'll be all stretched-out like the tee-shirts my sister borrowed.
The thought of getting his skidmarked shorts doesn't exactly motivate me to pay my $$ and make my picks, but I agree that his gloves would be a cool prize.