Williams-Ward Weigh-Ins......


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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Weights for tomorrow night's card. Should be a pretty good test for Ward.....

Weights from San Jose!
Andre Ward 168 vs. Rubin Williams 169.5
Note: Contract weight is 169. Williams originally weighed 171 in shorts, which was not accepted by Ward and his team. Williams got to 169.5, naked, after about 45 minutes of light shadowboxing. Ward's trainer accepted 169.5.
Francisco Santana 147 vs. Karim Mayfield 148
Carina Moreno 106 vs. Mayela Perez 106
Rico Ramos 120.5 vs. Sammy Yniguez 121
Eric Garcia 146.5 vs. Marlo Cortex 147
Mike Dallas Jr. 143.5 vs. Alejandro Balladares 141.5
Venue: HP Pavilion
Promoter: Goossen Tutor
You'd think when you have a chance to do something like The Contender or have a chance to fight somebody good like Ward, you'd make the effort to get in shape. It's a bit disappointing......
A buddy of mine got some ticks. Wish I could go too. Working late tonight as well. Hope Ward looks good.
Allan Green couldn't do it!

Good for Andre but he still has a long ways to go. Deep Division.
I agree that he still has work to do, but it sounds like he's headedin the right direction.....
yes...i was worried about Andre. Sounds like he's sitting down on his punches a little more.

No need to rush him.
I hope these guys keep it up. They def put in a lot of work.