Will Benson Henderson keep his word about training Alex Caceres for Kang Kyung Ho ?


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Aug 20, 2012
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Bendo trained with Kang Kyung Ho in Korea with TEAM MAD. But he also now trains with Alex Caceres at the MMA Lab.

So Bendo sent a facebook message to Kang Kyung Ho about the whole situation.

Alex Caceres is training at my gym for an 8 week program. I think hes been here for a month now. I know you are fighting him so I just wanted to tell you that I gave him no information about you. I do not even mention you when I spar with him. I hope for a good fight.

On training with Kang Kyung Ho

His striking is sophisticated and very measured. Also he has immense strength and great wrestling. I can't believe such a big guy can fight at Bantamweight.
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Do you mean will he not talk about Kang kyung ho?

I doubt it, he's a classy fighter.
I'm actually pumped for this fight.