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Jun 19, 2004
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Hey all...just thought I would share a baffling pain pattern from my knee. I have had many injuries over the years but I never had one behave like this. I get a mild pain underneath my knee, just off to the inside. The pain is the worst after I've been sitting a while and walk, but is never bad when walking. It is more noticeable when I climb stairs. I had no trauma that I know if, it just happened one day. The kicker is, after I go to BJJ class, my knee is pain free for hours, then it slowly creeps back in. I have had it for a week on and off. If it stays around too long or gets bad, I will see my doctor, but I just thought it was strange the way it goes away during class and stays OK until 4 or 5 hours afterwards. Anybody ever have injuries disappear for a while during and after class? Just chalk up another majical property of BJJ :wink: .
Probably stiffness. The BJJ gets the blow flowing to it, so you don't feel it.
Did the pain start after you started Jiu Jitsu?

BJJ can definitely give you aches and pains. My elbows constanly hurt, and I am always sore.

I have a general rule, depending on the seriousness of the pain, I wait a week or two, and if it still hurts, then I call the doctor.
Could be patela slip disorder, which is a stretching of the connective tissue in the knee, and fairly common. It could also be a combination of fluid in cryssallus, which is just a build up of stuff that may settle when you're relaxing, then your knee crunches it up and pushes it around when you start moving again. They had to suck a shitload of it out of my knee when they went in to fix my meniscus last summer.

Try some glucosamine chondroitin.
It started about 4 weeks after I started back into BJJ after a 2 month break. It feels more like tendonitis than general soreness, but I've never had tendonitis go away when I exercised...it usually flaired up. The pain is tolerable, actually it is really not too bad, just the way it behaves that I found so bizarre. It doesn't hinder any activities. I will give it some time, and maybe a break if it stays...then it is too a doctor, if it continues. I hate going to see a doctor with every pain...I feel like such a whiner. Maybe I'll try some glucosamine for the long term.

Rather be a whiner then a guy without a knee...

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