Why no sweeps in MMA?


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Jun 25, 2003
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I've been following MMA for years now and the guy on the bottom normally does one of three things. Submission, stand up, or hold on for dear life. I rarely see sweeps and Im wondering why you think that is the case. I don't see too many elevator, scissor, cross body, butterfly sweeps. And those don't need the gi either. Of course there are few exceptions like Carlos Newton cross body sweep Pat Militech but its not very often. What's your take?
i don't know where you got this from i've seen plenty of people sweep from guard in mma obviously its not as often as in bjj comp because they often open you up for strikes but sweeps are used quite often
I agree there are a lot more fighters that are content to just stay in the guard or hold guard and wait for a restart. The thought is that you use a lot of energy to get a sweep, or to get out of someones guard to a more dominant position when you can just sit in a guard and pound away, ie Fedor or hang on and get stood up, i.e Wandy. I think the difference today is that there are a lot more strikers with decent ground skills now that to at least hold off a good ground specialst than there used to be. With better rounded fghters I think you get more evenly matched opponents that aren't going to risk getting subbed and will just wait it out for the restart standing.

I don't have a problem with it. Can't really knock a fighter for fighting a smart fight and using the rules to their best advantage. Makes for some boring fights sometimes. But a win is a win. At the end of the day it is their paycheck on the line, not mine.
Some guys use sweeps but more often than not no gi grappling or MMA hve one thing in common: whej you are playing guard, your primary objective is to submit your opponent.
when you're getting hit in the face, your strategy changes a bit.
I see a good amount of sweeps being used by the experienced fighters. But remember that if you go for a sweep and do not succeed then you have waisted alot of engery and you may have lost a good position to stop from being hit. There would be alot less sweeps in BJJ if you opponent could punch you in the face.
What makes me laugh is how often people will get mounted and then give up their back.
What makes me laugh is how often people will get mounted and then give up their back.

yeah, someone should tell them about groud and pound and the rear naked choked... These fighters...when will they ever learn ??
some very good ground fighters use sweeps . but is hard to sweep a good fighter who is beating your face. sweep someone who is ground and pounding you is very hard and you must have very good jiujitsu technique
i remeber royler gracie sweeping a japanesefighter who had at least 50 lbs on him back in 1 of the early prides, elevator sweep i think.