Why is **** (atem spelled backwards) blocked?


Blood Bath and Beyond
Sep 2, 2007
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Last i checked, m e t a is not a dirty word.

We allow fuck, shit, gay ass motherfucker, but not m e t a? WTF?
Can we at least make an exception for "****bolic" in the D&S forum.
I don't have any problems typing meta, metal, or metabolic. Must be something wrong with your computer.




Won't allow if for me either. Kind of fucks up my plans to talk about all sorts of shit with **** in the name.:icon_neut
this question pops up every week...

sc.ript is also banned
The word metal shows up as ****l because words like meta and script are censored on Sherdog to stop people using malicious HTML code in their posts which can cause redirects to porn sites and other shenanagins. (Google "meta tags" if you want to know more)
They are trying to prevent scripting attacks. But blocking [atem backwards] is a really bad way to do it. There are ways to do this without blocking that 4-letter sequence.
Metal as a music genre is a known medium of satan and his minions. Keeping it off the site is in the best interest of the remaining souls who have a chance at salvation.