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Bobby Jacobsen

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Jun 1, 2004
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Ankle Grips? They are basically ankle supports that are a little longer on your foot (extending over the ball but just short of the toes) and have a wrestling shoe type of sole on them. You get all the bennies of a wrestling shoe (traction for shots) with none of the drawbacks (handle for heel hooks).

I have heard that this will be available within a couple of months.
Pics please. From the description, it sounds like a footie with lil grips on the sole or long ankle wraps with grips on them. A glorified sock?
Sounds interesting. I am pretty cool just being barefoot, but I would be interested in hearing more about this at the very least.
There are pics on sherdog. Look at Hallmans feet from his fight with Rivera. Hallman and Anthony Hamlett have been developing this for a few years and now and they are just about to go to production, they should be available in a month or so.
Sounds very intresting, can you post pics of your? I am assuming you have a pair, or have used them.
I have never used them but I have seen Hallman use them for a while. He started of with a pretty nasty set and has gradually improved them. The pair he wore against Rivera were some of the first from the factory I believe. I am not a wrestler but I will use them once they are available. They improve traction quite a bit so they will improve your strikes and they won't affect your kicks that much. It will be a little unfair in the clinch if you have a pair and your opponent doesn't.

When these finally come out they will sell like hotcakes, dare I say the next Sprawl?
Interesting idea! What kind of materials are they made out of? Is it neoprene? My neoprene knee brace gets all sorts of sweaty-nasty when I wear it. Would these get that way too? Just curious.
I'd definately give them a try!
They are just like ankle supports, in fact the first bunch were just ankle supports worn upside down and dipped in a rubber type compund. It is not neoprene but more like an ace bandage only much stiffer.

Thanks for putting the pic on too.
Thanks for the pic EddNg. I was having trouble visualizing them.
Those look really cool and very useful. I like the ankle support and traction of wrestling shoes, but we're all aware of the drawbacks. I'd buy a pair. Please keep us updated.