Who should Cot


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Jan 19, 2012
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Assuming he remains on the card...Since Alessio will take like 3 months off we wont be seeing him again in the octagon for a while, doubt Cot
Lombard? you guys serious?

Lombard was supposed to fight Andy with a win over Boestch, lost a SPLIT D, then KTFO Palhares... to fight...Cot
only because he just came of a fast knock out and it would get him in there sooner... plus it adds a guy that has already fought Anderson for the title to his resume

but i hear what your sayin
Tom Lawlor or Ed Herman. Lol at people saying Lombard.

or Nick Ring if they really want to go Canadian.
Lombard vs Munoz sounds nice. Didn't they have some beef with the Ariel Helwani instigation thing?

So is Sakara not fighting? He doesn't want to fight or what?

Good no, Shields would UD Pat 30-27 in a lackluster fight...besides Shields wants to drop to 170lbs again for some reason, I hope he'll end up fighting Kos soon.

Herman makes sense...another guy with a good chin...if Herman takes the fight down tho, Pat will be in BIG trouble.
I think Lombard makes more sense than some of you think. It is great that Lombard can KO somebody as one dimensional as Palhares but why not see what he can do against a good striker or at least a well rounded mid level guy.
Ed Herman, Chris Camozzi, Buddy Roberts, or Tim Credeur if he ever fights again.
I'm going to go with Lombard, of all the names discussed so far he's best match up I see.

Both represent a name worth putting on their Win list.