Who gets the next shot then?


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Dec 4, 2012
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Bisping, Belfort, Belcher, Lombard, Boetsch and Okami have all recently lost.

I really have zero interest in seeing Anderson fight anyone in the middleweight division at all other than Weidman who is out injured.
Make #1 contender match between Weidman and somebody.
Weidman vs. someone for the title shot needs to happen. Let Silva do whatever till then. If they rush Weidman I feel like he'll get wrecked.
Good question.....there is no clear #1 contender.
I knew I couldn't count on a Polish-Englishman to clarify the title picture. I had a thread predicting this and my conclusion was that Lombard or Rockhold with a win should face Weidman in a #1 contender fight.
Scratch the fight with Gus and get Mousasi in there. He's the biggest threat to Anderson.