Who around Philly want to train with me next week?


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Mar 29, 2004
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I'll be in Allentown, PA all next week, and I have a brief window of time between Christmas and New Years to swing by a gym to train. Philly is the nearest big city, but if I'm to believe my sources, NYC and DC aren't hard to get to either. Who wants to sell me on a school to visit?
Check out BJJ United in Jenkintown, about an hour south of Allentown. You'll get in some good rolls. It's an LI-affiliated gym run by Jared Weiner.
You are welcome to drop by Balance studios. Wednesday 12 noon class and open mat after have some solid Black and Brown belts training. Friday no gi at Noon also has some killers on the mat. Everyone is really friendly as well :)
Oh hey I'm in Allentown right now actually. When exactly(date wise) are you gonna be in town?
sorry, I had to

Sloth's gym seems the place to be. Guy has awesome fight breakdowns. Very methodical approach.
Hey man, Rosendo Diaz BJJ in Harleysville, PA will be doing an open mat on the 24th. I'm fairly certain it's free, but you can always contact him if you would like (he might charge a small mat fee), we'll be having some good, tough guys come in.