White on Zuffa Boxing: We won’t work with any sanctioning bodies, we’ll have our own league

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by MMALOPEZ, Jun 11, 2018.

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    White Boxercise Classes >> Zuffa Boxing

    No boxer with any following would get on board. Boxers have the best deals in all of sports with reference to earnings vs gross receipts.
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    If they can't swamp the established governing bodies it's pointless, are they going to pay a golden goose ala Mcgregor and shaft the rest of the roster? The UFC model doesn't work unless you control most of the talent.
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    This can only work if they tie mediocre fighters to long term contracts. Or up and comers with the fighters doing it for solely promotion purposes on a bigger platform. Ufc propaganda machine can then make out these lesser tier athletes are the nuts and crown their own champions..

    I don't think Dana nor the ufc at the moment have any respect for their belts in the ufc at current. How's that going to work in boxing? Have every other champion be interim?

    Belts don't mean shit in the ufc at the moment. It's stupid.
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    This won't work for them. Besides the Ali Act there's too much competition for them. They control and lowball their fighters because they're the biggest promotion with basically one much weaker competitor. I don't see why any top boxer would want to sign up for that type of model when they make more and have more protections available to them. They basically saw how much more money boxing draws during FMJ vs Mac and are licking their chops to get in on the action.
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    a couple reasons it wont work.

    1) the UFC IS the history of MMA. if you are the UFC champ, you are king. there is prestige in it. You cant tell a top boxer to forget that WBA/WBC/IBF belt that was held by Ali, Foreman, Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, etc........Try to get that UFC boxing strap! Its the same reason BKB failed. No prestige in it for the boxers.

    2) you cant tell a top guy to sign and exclusive UFC contract where you are gonna make what they want to pay you, which will be much less, more than likely, than they can get on the outside. And Dana cant offer market value, because if he does that, his MMA guys are gonna go apeshit that they are getting 40k while boxers are getting 500k.

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