Which magazine do you prefer?

Grappling & Bodyguard are both good mags, even though (given the nature of magazines) their coverage of events is dated.
bodyguard, click on the icon on my links page and you can sub. to the mag and I get a kick back.

Grappling is ok but if the print any more stories like "The Secrets of Wreslting" I think I might puke.
I've really enjoyed the more in-depth articles on nutrition and training by Ferguson in Grappling lately. The overall quality of that mag has increased over the past 2 or 3 months, I think.

I like Couture's articles in Bodyguard, usually. I also like all the techniques in the middle of BG each month. But it's bi-monthly, and that makes its coverage of events like UFC and Pride even more dated than Grappling's.

I can't say that either mag really brings anything unique to their coverage of those events. I do, however, appreciate the coverage of the smaller fight orgs, mostly because I'm too lazy to keep up with them myself online. :/

I keep all my back issues of each, though. Re-read them often. I've especially liked going back and reading up on these folks showing up on the Ultimate Fighter or new to UFC/Pride who had been covered in Grappling years earlier, I just hadn't paid attention. But I'm still learning. :)

I've not read enough of the other mags to really have a solid opinion.

I'd subscribe to Grappling, but have heard nothing positive about their service.
I like Fighters Only but it is usually a month outdated by the time I get it here in Canada
I enjoy reading Grappling but since I'm not suscribed to it I find it really hard to get it where I live. I've never seen Bodyguard or FCF magazines here in Canada. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.
Body Guard Mag has merged with tap out and will be called tap out magazine starting in early next year. They will be gearing more towards MMA and the fan base of MMA. pm me for a link with the announcement.
Personally, as of the February edition, I prefer Martial Arts International..... coz thats when I start writing for them! First article is about middle aged guys doing MMA!
Congrats Roy. Nice to hear that I'm not the only "old timer" still training. Scan a copy of the story for me.

Ron: Absodiddly do dah!
The editor phoned me up to say he liked it as it broached a difficult grounds covering traditional to mixed martial arts and young versus old(er!)/mature/seasoned/experienced (delete as appropriate!).
I once spent 2 hours in the car trying to find the new issue of Grappling...I had nothing to do that day, I guess.

Grappling is cool minus the event reviews that are 2 months late or whatever.
Currently I'm partial towawrds Grappling. I gave I think "MMA" or whatever it is (it's the one that's edited I think by Ian Freeman). I didn't like it. I almost picked up the issue with ADCC in it but flipped thru it and the article and review of the event was so average that I just skipped it. Wasn't worth the money i was going to pay for it at all.