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Which Gloves


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Jan 25, 2006
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Hello All-my Question Is I'm Trying To Decided Between The Combat Sports Gel Bag Gloves,combat Sports Mma Traing Glove And The Hawks Training Gloves-i Will Be Using This Glove For Mitt Work And Bag Work Mixed In While Grappling-my Knuckles Are Taking A Beating Now So It's Time For New Gloves....thanks For Any Hellp -
The GelShock gloves are awesome.Great knuckle protection and good wrist support(which I think the Hawks might be lacking). Joe from CSI posts here on a regular basis, he might be able to help you out. Btw, while your here, check out some of the glove review threads- a lot of good info there.
I went with the Primetime/Gameness training glove. They have got lots of good reviews. I have had mine for awhile i like them.
Adino said:
I love my CSI MMA training gloves.

These are great gloves. Even getting hit by them is a relative pleasure.
If you're mixing in with grappling like you said, I wouldn't go with the bag gloves because they have the palm bar in them.
The MMA Training gloves are sweet though. They'd be a good bet for anything you're wanting to do.
no body has used the hawks-i'd like to hear what anyone has to say about them-i do like csi i have there shin guards/with neoprene instep and there mma comp gloves,---bone crusher i was thinking the same thing about the bar,but i read a post where someone had said they just took it out-we'll see thanks for the help guys-