which Division improves the most


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Apr 3, 2006
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After the merger Which Weight Class will get the greatest influx of fighters?

I would like to make this a poll
Definitely mw. Originally Hw last spring but this crossover it's mw. Luke, Kennedy, jacare are all top 15 mws. Larkin, adlan, roger and Brunson all have potential to be in great fights.
I think it's MW if Mussasi drops down where he belongs
Middleweight has the only talent I think will make waves.

Lightweight will get a small boost, as will HW, but I'm not yet convinced Cormier is gonna make that big of an impact against UFC fighters.
Middleweight hands down. They get Jacare, Rockhold, Kennedy and possibly Mousasi (if he drops down to 185), Roger, Larkin and Amagov.
MW for sure, even LHW if DC drops down and the addition of Mousasi
It depends on who drops to what weight class.

Gegard dropping to mw will make it best best. Especially when you consider that the hws already moved and Cormier could drop to lhw. Also nobody knows what Barnett is going to do
None... most strikeforce fighters are gonna be middle of the pack or worse...
Only maybe like one or two fighters are gonna be able to hang with top tier fighters...
MW because if they match the fights up right Anderson can have a lot of new fights at MW and hopefully stay active in 2013-RETIREMENT and it would be nice to see Andy fight new comp without rematches