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Which are the best and worst rash guards?

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Mar 21, 2005
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Which do you think are the best makes of rash guards and why? Also which makes or models of rashguard need to be avoided and why?
I am using a Under Armour HeatGear sleeveless T these days, tight fight and keeps me cool. I have an Atama rashguard that I feel is a little too thick, almost like a wetsuit. I have a Full Contact Fighter one which is also very comfortable and has lasted me several years now.
I hear good things about these Under Armour ones everywhere... must check them out sometime.

XFGear. There is nothing on the market that really blends the best of strength, durability, style, customization and comfort. It's one of those products that if you use it once, you will never stop using it. Plus you can design your own stuff! Can't beat it.
I got Under Armor and they are good quality but not designed to MMA/Grappling.

Also i own the Vitamins & Minerals rash guard. the V & M stickers ripped apart like in 3 days (fucking sucks) but beside the rash guard material is ok.
i have a hunter rashguard . the only problem are stickers but the quality is great . classic hunter!
Fcfighter have the best tight fit rashguards imo. Sprawls loose fit are also excellent.
I'm using a couple of wal mart rash guards. I don't have the money to be spending on sprawl or any other name brand rash guard for that matter. Sorry to be no help.
I have sprawl loose fit and like it quite a bit. I did not care for under armour as a rash guard. It felt like it was going to rip all the time and once you were sweaty it was damn near impossible to take off.
I'd have thought there would have been more people who'd used Hunter than this. What about Gameness? Anyone tried the Krugans? We had some bad experiences with Gracie Sport - any one else?
The nike ones are great. much better then ua, and great at absorbing sweat.
A friend of mine owned a Hunter but he wasn't too pleased with it. The sizing was way of and the printing peeled of after the first roll.
I got training buddies who own Atama rashguard and the shit seems to last for ever.
I have never used a bad one. But I love the V&M ones. They last super fucking long, are fairly thick, and breathe easy. And they look bitching too.
I'm rocking a cheap Under Armour shortsleeve I got for 15 bucks.
I have a sprawl loose fit which is great, have not had any problems with it, but i also bought an own brand long sleeve rash guard from the local surf shop for about 1/3 of the price and its going fine, no probs at all
XFGear is a great one, very durable can handle alot of abuse.
I have the new Nike Pro Vent clothing. Its like their regular dri-fit stuff, but with lil holes in strategic spots, like the armpit areas. Its like Under Armour gear but 10x better. Nike Pro Vent is $$$, thou.