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Whey Protein 101

Matt Thornton

Amateur Fighter
Sep 2, 2004
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I didn't see a thread that really completely covered the use of whey protein, so I figured I'd make one.

Okay, so recently, I discovered, I am too skinny. 5'11" and 151 pounds, with 10% body fat. I'd like to get down to 7%, but wrestling season is coming soon, and putting on muscle is something I need to focus on for now. The extra 3% I can handle later.

I've been lifting weights more and cutting back on the cardio a little bit, and recently I bought about 4 pounds of Whey Protein. Before, my dieting and supplement use basically consisted of a multivitamin, and staying away from junk food 6 days a week. Now that I have to focus on building strength and performance, and not just losing weight, I need to learn more about the best way to use supplements.

My question to all of you is, what do you feel is the most effective way to use Whey Protein? Obviously drink it. But I mean, how much per day, when to take it, how to use it cost-efficiently (this stuff isn't exactly cheap).

I appreciate any help, as I really need to start packing on some muscle.
dude...this thread is exactly what ive been looking for aswell

im 5-10 155-160 lbs

trying to gain 15 lbs

but im a newbie to the weight gaining world...im in need of such information aswell

hopefully someone with knowledge on the subject answers you