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Where to get NO GI fightwear

Amy Robinson

Amateur Fighter
Feb 14, 2005
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I'm looking for NO GI fightwear (Vitor wore it @ ufc51, they also sponsor a bjj tourney) and I can't find it anywhere. I looked on brazilianfightwear, mmagear, and googled it but nothing came up. Anyone know where I can find it?
Thank you so much, I absolutely loved those shorts too.
We have a couple of pairs left in the UK. They sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. The ones we have left are only in the small sizes though.
FightGear UK

I've e-mailed a few times but I've not got any reply back? Anyway what sizes do you still have left in the shorts? Do you have any between the sizes 30-32? You do mean the shorts that Vitor wore aswell dont you? Just they arent up on the website thats all

Hi EddieNG
Sorry - we never got your emails. We have had problems when our ISP webhost moved to another supplier and didn't tell us to reconfigure our mail server! :mad:

Yes we have the nogi that vitor wore. We only have a couple of pairs left though in 30-32 (1 or 2 pairs). We sold about 22 pairs in less than a week.

Email me at [email protected] and I'll send you a photograph of them. We are due to recieve another order later this week hopefully!