Where does a short guy want to be in MT?

prestone kid

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Sep 24, 2007
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I used to box and stayed on the inside. It seems in Muay Thai the shorter guy does not want to be in the clench or on the outside.
What techniques should I focus on being short? Do you ever roll under a left jab and counter with a left hook on the inside in muay thai or is that too risky?
If you want to use your inside game in MT, you need to develop your own clinch, short or no. Otherwise you'll likely be dominated. Can you slip/roll/bob in MT? Yeah, alot of guys have pulled it off, but it's also a fabulous way to eat a knee or shin...as with all things, you're going to have to try and add this into your own game, and see if it works effectively for you. Having said that though, there is a good reason why Muay Thai fighters tend to stand relatively erect compared to Western boxers, but I think you know why already :)
IM only about 5'10 and routinly go up against guys taller and much lankier..I generally set up 3 punch combo's ending in leg kicks or body kicks on the way out...I always try and stay out of the clinch with the tall guys but one thing I do use is throwing..I can usually get a solid base for throws on these taller guys(underutilized in mT) and you would be surprised how much throws can gas a guy
you want to be to the inside and off to either side of him. fight him at a '45 degree angle or "blind side" fighting.
On the inside to cut the range andeffect of a tall guy's kick.Even on the inside you can whip a few low inner thigh kicks or even clinch for knees and even sweeps or "hip throws".

Even if you small and you clinch, you can still go for underhooks and swim out of the tall guyu's plum.
Attack the lower extremeties...e.g. push kick to the leg....low kicks...punches to the body etc.

Learn to clinch (lower center of gravity gives you an advantage in throws as pointed out earlier)...you can always mix inside boxing and clinching very well
I agree, I'd stay on the inside and attack 45 degrees off center. If you're not inside, stay outside his range until you can get back in. You'll have to eat some hits on the way in, thou. Mike Zambidis is an awesome example of a short fighter that's knows what he's doing.