Where do you get a custom fit mouth guard?


Dec 1, 2007
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I just lost my boil and bite mouth peice a few days ago and would really like to get a custom fit one but where do you get them down? I went to academy sporting goods and a few other local stores and when i asked about it I just got blank looks like wtf are you talking about. Any help? thanks.
Do they have any like retailers or anything? Or do you have to do it via mail?
Via the interweb. The three top choices-jawzz.com, starsguard.com and customguards.com(gladiator). All are great with the service and the products are all top notch.
I'll send that e-mail while im bored at work tomorrow, yea I never want to go back to boil and bite, sparred one day without one and had a tooth go threw the inside of my mouth so i got to get a new one soon :D
well I got mine from protech....so basically I am of no use when it comes to advice or suggestions.
Starsguards and customgaurds are the two big kind of "unofficial" custom guard reps on the forum, and they both seem like really nice people. There are a couple other threads about custom mouthpieces, just read through those 1 or 2 threads and you'll see reviews and posts about each manufacturer. Or just call them from the website and tell them you heard about them on Sherdog.

They just send you a kit to take an impression of your mouth, then build a guard from it. I'm waiting to get some loot because I want to get one too, everyone says it's a worthwhile purchase.
My Jawzz guard should be arriving today or tomorrow. I've had a very positive experience working with them.
from what i've seen, starsguards and jawzz take the cake.

however, i went to fightdentist.com since i was in vegas partying. doctor persky was cool as hell and even opened up his office on his off day to take my mold.
I'd recommend Starsguard I received my mouthpiece about 2 weeks ago and absolutly love the thing.
StarsGuards seems to be the forum standard. Has anyone actually ordered from CustomGuards.net? I haven't seen any reviews on them yet.

Mine should be getting here sometime soon.
all of the orthodontists around here will take your mold and send them off to get a mouthpeice for you i dont know about the ones around you though