where can i get some good sparing gloves



hey guys, i want some cheap, yet good sparing gloves that last me a while, what should i get. Money is obviousley an issue for me but im willing to make sacrifices for quality. thank you.
you cant get good gear for cheap prices unless its used and resold.

best sparring gloves for MMA - www.ouano.com - shooto gloves are excellent!

boxing - www.fairtexgear.com

I suggest shelling out the extra cash, it will be worth it in the long run trust me.

If you want some sparring MMA gloves go with some 7 oz ones, the truth ones are a little too small.
When you say sparring do you love or hate your partner, that would help me help you and make a recommendation.
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I know... i'm getting old *sigh*


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SSF has some great ouano clones that are high quality and a little cheaper. Ron will give you some great service as well, so I seriously consider ordering from him.
I have the ouanos and they are great. Also Everlast gloves aren't too bad either
scorcho thanks.
If you want the Ouano UFC, Sherdog or Truth style gloves we can help you. We have them in stock and in all sizes. They are half the price of the Ouano gloves and made in the same plant as one of the above mentioned gloves.

thx guys
right now im looking for boxing gloves for MT.
I dont know what im really looking for. Do you have anything specific in mind?
i need for sparing at a medium lvl.