where can i get a cheap 150lb heavy bag?


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Aug 15, 2005
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well i have a 70 lb one but it moves around too much. i was wondering if they sell like a 150 lb bag and if so what is the cheapest site or place to get one. ? my local sports store only sells 90lb ..
Amazon i know sells 100 lb bag for 80-110 with free shipping when i looked if you have a rag filled bag you can also fill it with some extra sand for an on the cheap solution to increasing weight

correction amazon.com also has a 120 lb century tidal wave bag for 130
im not exactly sure what is in mine. its a cloth everlast bag. white. with black writing,it has like chopped up looking cotton stuff on top as far as i can see but its hard at the bottom cause whatever is in it packed all down and the top is now flimsy.it feels like sand.

ive looked around. maybe ill have to deal with a 120LB one. are water filled bags any good? its leather i guess with a water bladder . or are they junk?
i need something at least 120 lb .. what is best to fill bag with? sand ? i would think water is too absorbent and wouldnt work well but i dunno.
You can fill your bag with rags or cotton filler( I sent to a serta factory near my house). I filled my old bag a 1/3 of the way up then added foam then more cotton, foarm, cotton. Until it was full. The foam keeps the rags/cotton from settling at the bottom.

i think the water bags have just a water bladder core and are surround by foam i heard they are good on your hands and feel more like an actual person but i dont know about longevity anyone here use one?
Just ask around. Everyone has once had a heavy bag. I got mine off my dads friend for 20 bucks(everlast) b/c its been sitting in his attic.