What's your take on V8?


Holy Paladin
May 7, 2008
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Are V8 juices any good? Are they a good enough replacement for not eating enough veggies?
buy a juicer and make ur own, that way you can control what you put into it. V8 has way too much sodium and other junk.
drinking a low sodium v8 right now. not as good as real veggies or juicer, but not bad IMO
v8's are the worst thing I've ever tasted period...
Is it really that bad? Is it worse than not eating enough veggies? I don't mind the taste, in fact I kinda like it.
Well, depends what you mean by "enough vegies". I suppose it may be better than none at all... But really, it should not be a solution at all. And if you're not eating vegies, you've got a larger problem than whether or not V8 is healthy. Just eat your vegetables or look for a more healthy supplement... Off the top of my head, I've been recomended Vital-Greens before, small liquid based supplement that should help compliment a lagging vegetable diet (in a simple, quick form) much better than some shitty sugar drink like I think V8 is.

Listen to this. Invest in a juicer. Find a local grocer that is convenient to your daily routine.

Build it into your lifestyle. I do not recomend trying to just throw a quick or lazy band-aid onto it. Make it part of your routne, as I said above... Buy your fresh vegetables each week and just get into a habbit of making a drink each morning or night.

Don't try take shortcuts. Just go all the way, and before long it'll be as comfortable a part of your routine as anything else.

Where can I get these Vital-greens?