what's up Pancrator?


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Mar 7, 2002
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hey man, i see youve been on the forum a long time, but ive never talked to you...so whats up man?

what ese do you do besides post here man?
Wow. I never really see any of his posts but apparently he's got over 5000. That's pretty amazing. I like to think of myself as informed.
i haven't seen him posting much lately, i know he posted a lot in the sakuraba's wife thread awhile back with me.
yeah i guess most his posts were in the multimedia forum...
It must of been because they sure weren't here! I never see the guy at all. Maybe he's currently an alter-ego? He might have more than one account because Pancrator never posts.
He isn't around nearly as much as he use to be. Vod you know who he is. ramber the avatar with the animated chick/Maid. And it would zoom in and she would blow a kiss. Big lips. That was his. He was pretty funny and I still talk to him once in awhile but he is never on the board anymore.
Yes. I remember him from the old board but I don't really remember posting here at all.
I may not be the most prolific poster, but there are A LOT of members wtih really high counts that I've never seen more than handful of times!
It's odd how that happens. You'd think if they've got that many posts under their belt they would be a little more memorable...