Whats the most embarssingly stupid thing u've ever done?


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Dec 18, 2001
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I'll have to think about this one. I've done a load of stupid shit in my life.

Especially when I was drunk.
First that comes to mind is the night I drank a bottle of Rum and went out with a couple of mates who were more than a little worried about me at the time.
One of my friends was speaking to two guys who were off duty cops, so I started trying to bad mouth them, I say trying to cause i couldn't string 3 words together at this stage, then I took a piss off the balcony in the pub, spat at a bar man who stopped serving me, got kicked out, walked the 8 kilometres home somehow and passed out on the nature strip (patch of grass between footpath and road) only for my mates sister to nearly run me over when she parked on it.

There has been worse, but I can't remember with the detail of that one at this stage, I will post again!
Telling you wednesdaymorning that I would ask rtbrouwer to post my pictures! Boy that was stupid! :D
Gotten absolutely fucked up off homeade bourbon and then whilst being a passenger in a car on the way to town afterwards (doing about 100/km an hour...... yacked out the window and having it blown back in and getting a bit of it on the chick next to me who I fully had the hots for.... then having a CD taxed to pay for the cleaning bill in my mates car... still havent heard the end of it and it was 6 years ago :D
One night about 8 years ago I was absolutely pissed. I had drunk a full bottle of vodka and a six pack then gone to a club.

I live on the border on the north of Ireland. We had gone out in the south. At that time you couldnt drive over the border at night time because the IRA were bombing army camps.

A load of us got off a bus and were walking over the border and started hurling abuse at all the soldiers. A few bottles and bricks were thrown and the soldiers came out after a few of us.

I went running up the street in front of everyone and was ahead of a crowd of about 20-30 people who were on the bus..

As I was running by a petrol/gas station I decided it would be a great idea to kick this big massive sign over. What I didnt realise was this sign was on springs.

I hit it a kick and it went down and hit the ground and before I realised, the springs kicked in and the sign came flying back at me and hit me full in the face knockin out my front tooth and knockin me straight to the ground.

I got up spitting my tooth all over the street with a load of drunken bastards laughin their asses off at me........
Oh yeah I once threw up all over the inside of a taxi on the way to a club. I was that pissed I couldnt open the door to get out...

Not nice...
Donegal you sound like a fucking loonatic but you should belong in Australia. The After party of UFC 38 sounded like a fucken screamer but I take it its a normal weekends work for you flaming the ass to the streets.
LMFAO, Donegal, you twat! I wish that sign kicking incident was on video, so you could share your stupidity with us all!
If that had been caught on camera I would be worth a fortune. It would have been on every candid camera type show possible.
Fucken oath, there was your big break!!
HAHAHA that's some funny shit Donegal and I thought it was bad calling a girl by the wrong name or accidentally wearing two different color socks.
I had a few loose screws when I was younger I think.

I also once ran up the main street in a town called letterkenny swinging a dead cat above my head.

I had drunk a load of cheap nasty cider called white ligthening. If any of you have drunk thsi u might understand my plight.
last saturday i jumped down a flight of stairs and landed wrong. i broke my leg.
to donegal

white lightning was the drink of my youth. two litres for
I had a few loose screws when I was younger I think.

Now you're older the only thing you do when you're drunk is dropping your pants in public so someone can make a picture of your butt. Yes, you've come a long way Donegal........:p
Yeah, I still have a thing for gettin my clothes off when I'm drunk. Not sure where that comes from.

Yeah Lewis I still can't drink cider because of light lightening..
I have a long, illustrious history of moronic behavior...

I got suspended from intermediate(aged 12) for bringing alcohol to school.

Suspended from college for getting on the piss after a rugby game on school grounds and again for telling a teacher to get fucked.

Banned from my Rugby club for a season after headbutting another player in a bar 'dispute'.

When I was competing in Weightlifting, we were banned from 3 hotels in New Plymouth, 2 in Wellington and 1 in Auckland(which was solely my doing).

My no.1 party trick is eating glass.

Too many to list...
You guys are pussies using the "when I was drunk" excuse. Post some stupid shit you've done while sober and in full mastery of your wits.

When I was in college I walked around for half a day with my zipper down. I was wearing a white turtleneck tucked into my jeans and it stuck out the front of my pants.

I went to this hair salon and all I could see were pictures of ladies haircuts so I asked one of the girls working there "if they do guys". This with 4 inches of white turtle neck sticking out of my zipper slot. That`s when I noticed my predicament in one of the mirrors.

Boy, you all are a depraved lot! No wonder I feel so comfortable with you! :p :p
once i was walking through the house in just my boxers and my aunt and grandma were over. as i walk into the kitchen where they ar all sitting down drinkning coffe i say hi and keep going into the bath room...it is then i realise that captin winkey has popped out of the button sof my boxers and was out for all to see....i stayd in the bathroom for like an hour till they left....:(