What's the Difference?


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Feb 10, 2008
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In reference to this article

Hey I was just checking out the recent news post regarding WEC 34 and UFC 84: Ill Will fighters passing a test on 'drugs of abuse'. Near the end of the article though, it says that WEC fighters' tests are still pending on steroid use. Now my question is what is the difference between 'drugs of abuse' and steroids? Couldn't one in theory abuse steroids thus labeling it as a drug of abuse? Or is it phrased that way because some drugs are tolerated to a mild degree while steroids of any kind/amount are strictly forbidden. I'm speculating without any real facts or evidence and would appreciate it if someone more learned of these matters could put things into perspective.


Changed 'In reference of' to 'In reference to'. I don't know if that was even worth mentioning as I did it mere seconds after posting -_-'
My guess is that steroids would be described as performance enhancing drugs instead of "abuse".
And yet the question seems to still go largely unanswered... o_O
Not really...

Like the guy stated:

1. Performance enhancing drugs.
2. Drugs of abuse: Coke, weed, painkillers, etc.

I could be wrong, though.
i wouldn't read too much into the precision of language in a sherdog article. it's not like we're talking about serious journalism. it would suffice to know that fighters are tested for a host of banned substances, of which performance enhancing drugs are one class and certain steroids are a subclass of those.