What's the difference between OGoshi and Uki Goshi


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Jul 20, 2005
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Im lookin on Judoinfo and and cannot see ANY difference between the UkiGoshi and OGoshi

Both look to have the same grips, insteps, positions, throw

Is there any real differrence? If so then what?
In a nutshell, Ogoshi is a full-hip throw, Uki Goshi is a half-hip throw. Hard to get an impression as to the difference by looking at it - you have to have it done to you to feel it.

The full hip throw (OGoshi) most people get OK. The half hip part (Uki Goshi) people can get confused about.

With Uki Goshi, instead of driving your hip all the way through & lifting your partner right up you basically just roll them off the side of your hip using a strong arm movement. It works best with a strong attack from your partner - the kata demonstrates it the best, I think.

Imagine some clown is charging right at you to knock you down. Instead of stepping right into their path for an ogoshi & blocking their momentum with your hip, you step partially into their path - the side of your hip "bumps" the side of theirs and use your arms to "flick" them forward WITH their momentum.

judogido said:
In a nutshell, Ogoshi is a full-hip throw, Uki Goshi is a half-hip throw.

Nice way to explain it right there.

Another way to elaborate on this point is for Ogoshi your hips are literally directly in front of your partners, facing in exactly the same direction. Your hips are squared with his, and maybe even a little beyond if it's a deep Ogoshi. You load the guy up on your hips and flip him over.

The way I'm learning that Uki Goshi differs from Ogoshi is in this way:

When I step in for uki goshi I'm at a 90 degree to my partner. My right hip bone is basically right in his crotch area for a right handed throw. Now instead of pushing my hip through to his right hip, I lift my partenr straight up. He's loaded up on my right side. As his toes just clear the mat, I rotate his head toward the mat (his feet toward the sky). Actually if you were to freeze frame here he'd be parallel with the ground, perched at my hip level. Here I basically dump him on the ground. He "unrolls" to the side and slaps the mat. He pivots around my hip instead of being thrown over it.
Clear as mud?
Man, I train BJJ, and I just gotta hand it to you judo guys. I read the above posts and was like, HUH?
Then I got on judoinfo.com, played the videos on repeat mode for a minute or two, and it was EXACTLY as you guys described.

This makes me want to start judo in addition to BJJ (like a lot of BJJ'ers)!!!
Uki Gosh is known in our school as a hip-hop-drop. You don't throw the person around your hip, you just pop them up in the air and slam them down (with a shihai, if you are feeling particularly cruel).