Whats the difference between BSN Cellmass and No-Xplode?

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What is the difference between the two? Thanks
thefulleffect99 said:
What is the difference between the two? Thanks

It more or less appears the major difference is that Cellmass is the esterified version and NO-Xplode is the monohydrate version. Other than that, the Xplode has some neurotransmitters.
Im still new to supplements....what are neurotransmitters? haha
Terumo said:
...neurotransmitters are any chemical that is utilized to send nervous system signals to target tissues. This includes secretory glands and organs among other things, but in the case of sports nutrition, neurotransmitters generally get most of their work in action potentials between the CNS and muscle fibers. Common neurotransmitters or neurotransmitter precursors include phosphatidyl choline (found in lecithin), dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, and gamma-aminobenzoic acid (GABA). They can be rather effective in boosting CNS activity pre-workout or even aiding in CNS recovery post-workout (the latter of which is great for powerlifters and strength athletes)


Terumo said:
Most neurotransmitters have a synergistic effect, although some (like DMAE) have an upper threshold (roughly 200mg for DMAE), above which you are actually stifling the desired effect. Per your final question, if I had to choose a single neurotransmitter, it would definitely be high-choline lecithin.

Furthermore, you should get an egg-based lecithin, not a soy-based lecithin:

Entropy said:
Soy lecithin is inferior to egg lecithin for 3 primary reasons:

1* The phospholipid content in soybean oils range from 1.48 to 3.08 percent, whereas is egg yolks it is roughly 30.

2* The manufacturing process of soy requires it to be treated with chemical solvents and bleach and that does not take into account traces of chemical pesticides that remain in the final product.

3* Soy lecithin contains the trypsin inhibitor (known for its multiple negative effects), highly toxic lysinoalanine, carcinogenic nitrosamines, high levels of aluminum, and potent neurotoxins such as free-glutamic acid which are formed during soy processing.

Recommended neurotransmitter formula: Powerdrive (by Biotest)
actually cellmass is showing some results for only using it for 4 days now.
thefulleffect99 said:
actually cellmass is showing some results for only using it for 4 days now.

The placebo is strong with this one.
supersudo said:
^ excellent post mick! ^

Yeah, I know, and the best part is I didn't actually write it!
OneFate said:
They are both a waste .

For sure you never tried them. Give them a shot, they mad a difference in me, specially Cellmass
n.o. xplode is mainly for energy. i think its cheaper just to buy caffiene. if you do get it, dont get grape. go with lemonade or something
My personal experience with both:

I feel more motivated to work out, swear I feel more energetic and mentally ready to go while working out, and several other benefits.

This may be a placebo or not Im not sure, but does it matter if it works either way?

Also I always thought the difference was that No-Xplode was for before you workout, and the Cellmass for after due to the glutamine.
The difference is in the fucking ingredient list.
i think their puting their cem3 in the noxplode now too, not that it makes a huge diff
JiuJitsuZombie said:
n.o. xplode is mainly for energy. i think its cheaper just to buy caffiene. if you do get it, dont get grape. go with lemonade or something

A-EFFING-MEN to that! Grape No-Xplode tastes like grape-flavored crap.

The fruit punch Cellmass is good, though.
NO-Xplode version 2021 3.0 is the best preworkout product

One is crap the other one is extra crap.

better off eating watermelon rinds for l-citrulline and Take some plain ol creatine
The big difference is cell mass is a recovery product and NO explode is a pre workout product. They are designed to work in conjunction with each other. And while a lot of people can judge supplements and say that they do nothing. The basics are in these so for beginners who do not know the ins and outs these products aren't horrible. There is no way for someone on the internet to be able to judge their factory and how things are handled so we have to assume the practices are up to standard. The ingredient profile isn't the greatest but they are also not engineered for me. They are engineered for the market they present to. I say go ahead and give them a try. You will learn what works best for you and then you can turn around and tell someone what you thought. But again. Its a "SUPPLEMENT". These are not magic pills they are only meant to supplement your progress.
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