Whats more indicative of punching prowess: heavy bags or pads?


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Jan 1, 2008
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I'm a novice who trains part time. I do pretty well on the heavy bags in terms of technique and power, but not as good on the pads.

I'm training, at most, to be ready for possible street altercations, so is it worthwhile to improve my padwork? or just stick to the heavy bags and shadowboxing?
Live-sparring is the best indicator of punching prowess...
umm I would say pad work is useful for being able to pinpoint where to strike and to develope rhythm, but if you actually intend to use the stuff nothing really beats sparring.
padwork/bagwork, shadowboxing, and sparring/drills are a feedback loop.

You can't just do one of them. You do each and learn, integrate into eachother as a cycle of building up your skill.

One of the things you might want to do even if you can't afford a real gym is go to one and ask about the usage of the different bags and training methods.