What supplements are you fighters out there taking???


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May 19, 2011
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My body is beat down having a hard time getting through training need some extra fuel what are you guys taking???
Good whole food 90% of the time. Only supplement I take is a scoop of whey protein after I lift, and I'm debating whether or not to even buy more when I run out soon.

Oh, and I take a generic multivitamin in the morning.
Make sure you get enough rest, eat good food, and hydrate properly before a training session.

For recovery: a mixture of maltodextrin (or something similar) and whey protein immediately after training. After that, go home and eat.
what does your current diet look like? make sure your diet is in check before resorting to supplementation to fix your problems.
I work with a lot of fighters, and there is no one supplement or group of supplements that are designed specifically for fighters...

However, there are some supps that most fighters will use on a daily basis.

Bcaa's are highly effective, both for periods of intense training and periods of having to make weight. A multi vit, green powder, and protein supplement will benefit even the best of eaters...especially when considering the schedule that many fighters have to keep.

Depending on the individual, one may take things for certain injuries, inflammation, exposure to virus or the like from training partners etc.