What sub do you find hardest to escape from?



No right or wrong answer here I just thought I'd ask to find out if alot of people have the same weakness in their game or if a certain move is causing people alot of problems.

Some of you guys may find escaping most moves easy but there is probably one move you find more difficult to escape from than others.

For me I'd have to say straight armbars when i'm mounted are my weakest escapes especially against guys who are better than me.
hmmm, Triangles are my weakest escapes...i have 2 escapes for triangles, but are very hard to pull off
GuardGame said:
hmmm, Triangles are my weakest escapes...i have 2 escapes for triangles, but are very hard to pull off

I find those escapes to be easy. I usually outway my partner and just stack them.

Hardest for anyone would probably be teh RNC.
Triangles and north/south kimuras. I know the escapes and defensive techniques when they are being set up but sometimes I just don't react in time.
I have a few triangle escapes but if it's on it's on & I usually tap to them whilst sparring.
Armbars...without a doubt.
I can at least deal with any choke/strangle (RNC, triangle, collar chokes) for at least a split second or more, deciding quickly whether I can defend against it, or muscle out of it, or tap.

But when I'm caught in an armbar, I seem to have no way out and just tap. Granted I've got pretty bad elbows from lots of prior injuries (grappling-related and otherwise), so I might just be sensitive to possibly getting further damage to them. And any armbar that I HAVE been able to defend against really wasn't even close to getting sunk in, or was way telegraphed.
RNC for me...I feel pretty good about most of my other submission defenses.
I haven't been arm-barred in a few weeks. But that's the hardest sub for me to get out once it's locked in. I almost always feel like I've got a fighting chance to beat a triangle these days.
Kimura o Keylock because I have very bad shoulders. I don't count leg locks because I don't roll with them.
one I don't see coming. that's it.

If I had to choose just one I'd say ten-finger choke... it's so fast-acting.
Figure Four/Reversed, although I am pretty flexible and have long time to work I seem to not get out, cannot fully free my arm.

Triangle or Armbar I usually escape by putting my foot under my opponents jaw and yank out before it's real hard on. RNC by tucking chin and pulling opponent over my shoulders while turtling or pulling his foot or turning into him...

also I am bad at escaping toe holds and anklelocks...
Armbars from the mount, but only if the guy has got some weight on me. Against someone my weight and my experience level, it's not too difficult to escape. But if my JJ instructor (who's got about 30 or 40 pounds on me at least) puts an armbar on me, I'm not getting out of that.