What size glove should a heavy-weight use?


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Jan 4, 2013
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Hi guys,

Going to be getting some 16oz Winnings for sparring and pad work.

Just wondering would a heavy weight benefit using a smaller glove say 10-12oz on pads and bag work?

Closer weight to competition gloves. Pad/bagwork is mainly for technique and not endurance, so in theory a 10-12oz glove will let you refine your technique for longer before fatigue sets in.
If you're doing am boxing, I would highly suggest getting 12oz gloves. I don't intend on ever fighting pro, so I use 10oz winnings on the bag/mitts because I'll never have the need to get accustomed to 8oz gloves.
If the gloves have high quality padding (i.e., RIngside IMF, Winning, Grant Orthopedic) you can go as low as 8 oz and focus on technique and speed.
I'm 225 and compete as an amateur boxer. I use 12 oz Rival's for bag work, and 16 oz Rival's for sparring.