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What SF fighters get the UFC push?


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Jan 5, 2011
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What fighters that are coming over from StrikeForce do you think the UFC will push and promote?

Obviously Cormier and Melendez will get a huge push from them, since they are fighting for the title or soon(ly) fighting for the title.

What fighters do you think the UFC puts their marketing budget behind and why?

They made Ronda champion without a fight, so obviously she does.
Cung Le already had his main event and about a year experience in the UFC, so I will disqualify him from this conversation.

If he keeps winning, Rockhold could be something, but the UFC is a hard place to hang out.

Jacare could also be something, but like Rockhold he is in the Anderson Silva division.
It'll be interesting in who they market more rockhold or souza

I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Kennedy ended up getting the Brian Stann treatment, American hero and all that.

Jacare and Rockhold will get a push for sure.

I'm sure Saffiedine will get a few warmup fights along with a promo push as the new champ.

I can only imagine they will also play up the couture connection as well...
i mean the SF fighters coming over all have pretty impressive resumes (in the W-L)

Because the UFC is looking to expand in different markets, including Brazil, Mexico and parts of Asia, nearly all of the SF fighters may get a bit of a push. But for the American market in particular I can't help but think the UFC wants to push the heck out of Rockhold. Silva has a 10 fight contract, but everyone knows he can't hold the throne that long. The UFC will want not only someone skilled to take Silva's place, but someone marketable. I am not saying Rockhold has Silva's charisma. By my estimation he does not. Nor does he have Silva's intelligence. But he can be molded for those exact reasons. He's somewhat a blank slate.
Gil because he's a serious contender. Cormier because HW always needs contenders. Anyone at MW who wins their first fight because aside from Weidman, Silva's mostly cleaned it out.
I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Kennedy ended up getting the Brian Stann treatment, American hero and all that.

Meh. Kennedy isn't nearly as interesting of a person. I'm sure they'll mention it but that's about it.