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Jun 6, 2007
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I`m training MMA at least 3 times a week x 2 hours.

I have a problem cause at the end of the workout im completely out of strenght and I cant finish like I want to, and sometimes i have to quit cause i cant go trough last round.

Last time my hands were shaking like crazy...i could drink watter without spilling it.

I have to mention that I dont eat healthy because my work does not allow me, and I was planing to start using creatine and whey proteins(after workout).

How to take creatine and proteins to get result that I need (more power and stamina during training).

Thanx...i forgot about FAQ...
Also, I would say to post a similar question in the coniditioning forum, but to be honest, they'll probably tell you to read their FAQ. I recommend doing that. It sounds like you just have bad cardio and need to drink more than water during training.