What Is With The Key Word Adds?


Jun 10, 2005
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I know you don't have to click on them but what is up with placing adds into key words on the posts? Seems tacky. But I guess you have to do what ever you needto keep the site up.
yeah, I thought something was just wrong with the site....guess they need some more dough.
They had google ads before but these ones have nothing to do with the content. 'People' will link to something that has nothing to do with MMA... at least the old ones refered to shit we *might* be interested in.
They have surfaced before...and someone in OT figured out how to get them off your computer...it does have to do with spy wear I think. But I don't see any right now...
yeah, the keyword adds are a form of spyware. this is nothing new for sherdog. with the UFC media ban and all i predict we will see a surge in the amount of spyware on sherdog's main home page.

the best way to avoid some of the adds is to go directly to www.sherdog.net instead of www.sherdog.com. most of the spyware and malicious adds are on the main home page.
Yea.. this board would be a gold mine if it was run correctly and could be done so without interfering with the user's experience. Looking at the potential that's here and seeing how it's being squandered makes me cry.