WHAT IS UP with all these PUNKS?

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Jun 9, 2002
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Is it just me or does just about every town now have wannabe hardcore punks riding around in their mom's grand am with their head tilted to the far left, seat reclined 5 feet back, with a slim shady white visor hanging from the mirror?

Today I was at a traffic light w/ my gf in the car and one of these trailer park fuckers tried saying something to her...so I leaned over and asked him and his buddy if they wanted to fight...

They started going all crazy, and I pulled over and then they sped away...wtf??? They pick fights, but then no one actually WANTS to fight?

Some little white boy (about 5'3 140 lbs of FLAB) tried starting shit with me earlier in the week too...You know...white kid with an '86 buick celebrity with the 14 in mexican wide rims on it...I pulled in after the little fucker after he almost RAMMED me with his car and asked him what the problem was...he started with the jive b.s. so I just said "ok lets fight, bitch"...lol...*total class displayed by me, I know*
The dude then would NOT get out of his car or follow me around the block to fight...he just sat there at the busy bank parking lot where he knew there were a TON of witnesses....

I am college educated, make good $$$ and live in what is considered a "wealthy" community...I'm just SO FUCKING SICK of these goddamn wannabe hardcore bitches...where did they come from? what the hell?

I'm seriously thinking of forming a "hit squad" of guys from my MT school and just going out and BRUTALLY beating these little fuckers within an inch of their life....

*GFStealinbadguy: making the world a better place, one asshole at a time*
I hate thelittle fucks, everytime i see one i just feel like making a new hood ornament
about half my town is made up of those fucks! i hate them! they are all pussys who act tough but when it comes to fightin they cant back it up.
even though you're a gfstealinbadguy, i support that idea 100%.
In that situation I've followed ppl hom before. As soon as they relize your following them they get scared shitless.

On occasion you may have to torch their cars at a later date also, situation permitting.
good idea, berzerk. I was thinking of switching cars and riding around till I find these fuckers then assaulting them and getting away before the police arrive. :()
I live on Lond Island, Home of the Middle Class thugs, and upper Class wannabe Gangsters.

I've cracked my fare share of skulls. When push comes to shove unless your grossly outnumbere. they will alwyas back down.

On occasion I haven't even gave them time to back down. I just fucking hit them. But now I'm older and show more self restraint. I make my 15 year old brother beat them up. lol

Or if there nothing you can do at the time. One of my Dad's Very Italian Friends told me "Don't get mad Get Even, even if they don't know it was you"
fuck this shit
carry a gun and point it

stupid fucking white people cant be black, when will they understand?!
next time you see em just role down yer window and tell em 'yer not black you stupid piece of white trash'
I wouldn't point a gun at someone unless I intended to shoot them.
Or get a big can of oil paint and throw it on there car in the middle of the night during summer and then drive by the next day as they try, for hrs, to get the shit off. That is always fun :).
you wouldnt point a gun unless you were going to shoot em?
just seeing a gun will make them piss- thats half the use of it
I agreed with you till the point that you made fun of the buick celebrity. apparently you don't know how sweet of a ride that is. the '86 is quite a sight, i myself own an '88. I like the fact that it has ice cold ac. its a nice feature in the celebrity.
lol, my friend use to have an 88 Celebrity. We used to use it to hit garbage cans and mails boxes.
I didn't know white trash drove buicks, the ones around here usually drive hooked up dodge neons and used japanese luxury sedans with 18 inch chrome. regardless, they're all cowards. I guess it's a national epidemic.
Everyone here drives either a Civic or a Sunfire. I fucking hate that.
I hate those mofos. In my neighborhoos, we have this lirrle bitch, about 14 yrs old who thinks he is so bad. He has been arrested for little shit and teh other kids think he is cool. I wold give my left nut to put him in a room with only me and fuck him up. Mofos who can't back up what they say suck big dick, espaecially white kids from wealthy families who think they are "oppresed cause tehir parents don't give them enough attention so they smoke weed and listen to that stupid Ja Rule and think that they are ghetto tough. Shit they couldn't survive 5 minutes in a real ghetto or Mexican neighborhood. Tu' sabes?
I don't get many around where I live. There are plenty of black, Indian and Asians to go around, so there's no need for immitations. They wouldn't last very long before they got publicly humiliated LOL. I think the majority of these ****** reside in areas where there isn't much cultural variety so they like to spice things up. Their home obviously doesn't match up to what they see on MTV. :D
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